C.Tagliavini, 1503, Cecilia 2014

Christian Tagliavini, 1503 Cecilia, 2011

People sometimes ask me why I do what I do. Recently I found myself in a complex discussion where I was defending my line of work, ultimately justifying the hours spent by dress historians looking at a neckline, or the lining of a gown or the height of an eighteenth century heel. I was being challenged on the utility of it all – do we really need to know these minute details of everyday life of the past?

isn’t fashion projected into the future by its very essence? if so why do we need to teach young fashion or costume designers about their heritage?

Maybe the answers to the above are all here, in these mesmerizing and simply beautiful works of contemporary art.

For this post I have chosen to share the work of a very interesting – to me – young photographer. Especially a recent series entitled “1503”.

C.Tagliavini, 1503, ritratto di signora in verde 2014

Christian Tagliavini, 1503 Signora in verde, 2011

C.Tagliavini, 1503, Donna Clotilde 2014

Christian Tagliavini, 1503 Donna Clotilde, 2011

C.Tagliavini, 1503, Lucrezia 2014

Christian Tagliavini, 1503 Lucrezia, 2011

C.Tagliavini, 1503, Bartolomeo 2014

Christian Tagliavini, 1503 Bartolomeo, 2011

Enough said I think.

his website:     www. christiantagliavini.com